The New Not Normal
Pen & Ink
A commissioned series of pen & ink drawings
of buildings
on A3 paper framed in black
National Theater

Trinity Sq Car Park

Chandigarh College
National Congress of Brazil

Robin Hood Gardens

Secretariat Building


Notre Dame Du Haut
Alton Estate

National Congress of Brazil

Cathedral of Brasilia

Villa Savoye

Great Marlborough St

Shell Mex II

123 Buckingham London Outside

Great Marlborough St

Dolphin Square II

Lloyds Building

Park Tower Hotel Knightsbridge

Little London Court, Mill St

Shell Mex Clock I

123 Buckingham London Inside

Tower 42

Park Lane

Dolphin Square

Cannon Bridge House

Hans Place

Wembley Student Tower

Brettenham House

Shell Mex Clock II

The Leas Westcliff-on-Sea

Park Royal business Center

Procession House Ludgate Circus

©Copyright by Joseph Coupland Hartley. All rights reserved