All paintings from 2020 - 2023.
From the exhibition 'The New Not Normal'
Prices Available on Request

Alone Together SOLD

Forever Forest SOLD

Paradise in Quarantine 71'' X 24''

Tinder Tree 42'' X 38''

The New World Economy 71'' X 53''

Strange Natured Dream SOLD

In Remembrance (Room Divider) 77'' X 18'' each P.1

A Punk 4 Peace 48'' X 38''

In memory (Room Divider) 77'' X 18'' each P.2

In memory (Room Divider) 77'' X 18'' each P.1

See, hear, speak no evil 30'' X 54''

Universal 50'' X 50''

In Remembrance (Room Divider) 77'' X 18'' each P. 2

Closed until Further Notice 71'' X 53''

Glove Puppet 40'' X 40''

Don't Cough on Me 38'' X 34''

London in the Rain 52'' X 71''

She Cries Fire 58'' X 47''

Fish Dreams in a Field 23'' X 23''

Convergence SOLD

See 40'' X 45''

Hold my heart 50 X 50

New and Improved Corona 22'' X 20''

Flower Sanitizer SOLD

Urban Dystopia SOLD

Connecting in the Chaos SOLD

Love and Covid SOLD

Room dividers
A set of 2 dividers with 3 paintings per panels on each side
77'' x 18''

New smaller square paintings 30 cm X 30 cm

Red sailboat

sheep that sleeps

Ladybug SOLD

Bumbling Bee SOLD

Skull headache SOLD

tree arch

Eye see you SOLD

Hands on

Foot trouble

I Fly

A Cats tale

Ear, hear

Guitar logic SOLD

Therapy Church

World view

Brain Freeze


Fascination SOLD

Butterfly Lies

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